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hp rating: 1675 HP


This power package is capable of supporting 1,675 horsepower, and includes: (1) 9402 Turbocharger with Pro Mod compressor cover (1) 66mm Wastegate (1) 64mm Blow Off Valve 9402 Turbochargers are available with a choice of one of four turbine housings that feature a T5 4-bolt inlet, and a 5 1/4” V-Band discharge. A/R options available are 1.0, 1.12, 1.24, or 1.40.

Part number — XTR-94T512
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hp rating: 1675 HP
generation: T5 / T6 4-BOLT
cover style: PROMOD
compressor inducer: 94.0 MM


The new XT turbo package line up is designed to take the guess work out of choosing the proper turbochargers, wastegates and blow off valves for your V8 engine. Whether you run a Small Block Ford or a 7.0L LS engine, these packages were designed to compliment a wide range of engines and horsepower requirements. All you have to decide on is the horsepower you want to produce and if you want single or twin turbos! Choosing the proper turbine housing A/R is rather simple. For vehicle builds with a smaller engine size that requires quick turbocharger response, choose the smaller turbine housing A/R options. If you are aiming for maximum horsepower and aren’t overly concerned with quick spool, choose a larger A/R option. If you have any questions regarding these packages or need dedicated technical support choosing which package is right to achieve your desire results, please contact one of our Technical Representatives at (855) 996-7832.