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hp rating: 1100 HP

Next Gen 6670

This is the all-new Precision Turbo Next Gen 6670 turbocharger. This new size in our lineup fits the gap our customers have been asking for in our product line. It’s the perfect hybrid between the responsiveness of our famous 6466 Gen 2 and the power capabilities of a 6870 Gen 2 turbocharger. The Next Gen 6670 is rated at 1100HP and will be available in both HP compressor cover providing a 4” inlet / 3” outlet, and the all-new SCP (S Cast Ported) compressor cover providing a 4” inlet / 2.5” outlet. This new evolution in our lineup involves the development of a new aero package which includes a new compressor cover with several flow enhancements and a new compressor wheel profile that includes an extended tip on the exducer. All this provides a 10% increase in flow vs Gen 2 technology.
Part number — 27907215239
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hp rating: 1100 HP
generation: T4 DIVIDED 4-BOLT
cover style: H-COVER
compressor inducer: 66.0 MM


Details: - HP rating: 1100hp - BRAND NEW size in our lineup to fill a gap we found in the market - The new 6670 will be rated at 1100hp - Will be offered in our new S cover called SCP “S Cast Ported” and HP compressor cover - The new compressor wheel will feature a 94.7 Extended Tip for more performance. - Available in T4 open, T4 divided, T4 SS V-band in/out & T3 SS V-band In/out - Compressor wheel inducer: 66mm - Compressor wheel exducer: 92.5mm (94.7mm ET) - Turbine wheel inducer: 78.7mm - Turbine wheel exducer: 70.2mm