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hp rating: 710 HP

Gen 2 PT5862

We know you want to be the best both on the track and off. Whether you're a diehard racer or just looking to boost your daily driver's performance, Precision Turbo and Engine has what you need. For exceptional power and unbeatable technology at an affordable price, PTE can help you find the perfect turbocharger for your unique setup. Featuring an exclusive 58mm inducer GEN2 CEA® (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor wheel machined from a 2618-aluminum forging and a 62mm CEA® turbine wheel, Precision's GEN2 PT5862 CEA® turbocharger is rated to support up to 700 horsepower.
Part number — 20704210799
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hp rating: 710 HP
generation: T3 V-BAND
cover style: S-COVER
compressor inducer: 58.0 MM


PTE's technologically advanced CEA® wheels are known for their unparalleled performance, greater efficiency at higher pressure ratios, less turbo lag, ability to handle higher boost, and offer massive power gains over older wheel designs of similar sizes PTE's GEN2 PT5862 CEA® Turbocharger features the following turbine housing options: cast 310 stainless steel THV5S / 1.05 A/R T3 .63 or .82 A/R with 4 bolt (2.5") discharge T3 .63 A/R with 5 bolt discharge (with or without wastegate hole) T3 .63 or .82 A/R with 3" V-Band discharge T4 Tangential .58 or .68 A/R with 3 5/8" V-Band discharge T4 Divided .84 A/R with 3 5/8" V-Band discharge V-Band inlet/outlet .64 or .82 A/R Mitsubishi .63 A/R Buick .63 A/R K26 .82 A/R Incredibly powerful yet relatively compact in size, PTE's new GEN2 PT5862 CEA® turbocharger is sure to boost vehicles to outstanding levels of greatness in no time. Unlike anything else on the market today, Precision's GEN2 CEA® wheels have proven to be serious game-changers in the world of turbo technology.